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Products Introduction

You can find photography works as products ex; Art Card, Fridge Magnet, 5x7inch Art Print, 8x10inch Art print and Calendar in Yukon. You can find them in listed stores.
You can reach us through the Contact page if you are away from Yukon!

Art Cards

5x7inch Bi-fold Art Card.
Inside of card is blank that gives you creative special massage to your special person.
More than 20 designs are available!
Includes a white envelope in a plastic sleeve. 

Fridge Magnets

2x3inch Buttoned Fridge Magnet.
The most popular item, you can enjoy and remember Yukon on your fridge door anytime. 
Aluminium buttoned tough designed fridge magnet. More than 20 designs are available!

Art Prints

5x7inch & 8x10inch Art Print with Paper Frame
All Northern Lights images are printed on very special metallic film. These are pictures but wavy curtain shape of Northern Lights seems moving depending on light reflection angle in your room!  
Two sizes, 5×7 inch, 8×10 inch with 10 designs are available!


5x7inch Bi-fold Calendar.
Only limited quantity of copies are printed every season.
Don’t miss this!


We are planning Photo Shooting Tour, Educational Kid’s Camp etc. Also arranging special  unforgettable trip for you is available. 
Feel free to reach us for more information or more details through the Contact page.